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Flax Sprouts - Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
DESCRIPTION: ORGANIC, FREE OF ADDITIVES- 60 VEGETARIAN CAPSULES/BOTTLE. APPROX. 550MG SPROUTS/CAPSULE. Free of animal products, dyes and silicone. Encapsulated 100% Flax Sprouts...Richest source of LIGNANS which may help fight breast & colon cancer, FIBER to fight cholesterol, and ALPHA LINOLEIC FATTY ACIDS to fight heart attacks, arthritis, menstrual cramps.100% organic.
PRICE: $12.80

Grains Sprout Blend Concentrate
DESCRIPTION: ORGANIC, FREE OF ADDITIVES- 60 VEGETARIAN CAPSULES/BOTTLE. APPROX. 450MG SPROUTS/CAPSULE. Consist of Encapsulated Oats, Barley and Millet sprouts. Intended for use as a source of grain sprout enzymes, fiber phytonutrients and fiber. Organically grown and very gently dehydrated so as to retain their original properties, taste and texture. Free of any additives ... 100% pure. CHECKED FOR SALMONELLA AND E. COLI.
PRICE: $11.50

Macro/Life Blend
DESCRIPTION: MICRO/BLEND ORGANIC MACRO/LIFE BLEND - FREE OF ADDITIVES - 60 vegan capsules/bottle. 100% pure. Approx. 150mg of dark grape concentrate for resveratrol,150mg of pomegranate powder for its effects against chronic diseases and 150mg of broccoli sprouts for sulforaphane. All organic sources. Resveratrol has been shown by research to affect longevity in many models and has been shown to act similar to calorie restriction in this respect. Sulforaphane in Broccoli is a most excellent anti-cancer antioxidants. Pomegranate is an excellent source of plant chemicals that are not richly available in common fruit. CHECKED FOR SALMONELLA AND E. COLI.
PRICE: $17.90

DESCRIPTION: 60 VEGETARIAN CAPSULES PER BOTTLE. Capsules contain approx. 450mg of Nicotinic Acid, the natural Vitamin B3, and NOT the synthetic Niacinamide B3. It has been known, for over 50 years,that Nicotinic acid provides the most effective anti-cholesterol control. It should be pointed out that some people react to it with a passing, sunburn-like flushing of the arms, face and chest.
PRICE: $8.25

Nutri/Vision - Bilberry,Marigold,Rosehips
DESCRIPTION: ORGANIC, FREE OF ADDITIVES- 60 CAPSULES/BOTTLE. APPROX. 550MG/CAPSULE. Vegetarian capsules-free of animal products, dyes and silicone. Capsules of Natural, 100% Pure Bilberry, Marigold Petals, Rose Hips Vitamin C, and sprouts of Carrot, Spinach, Marigold and Broccoli. Component of Nutra/Vision are the richest natural sources of luteins. Luteins help fight Macular Degeneration and improve Night Vision. Also rich in Phytonutrients and Anti-oxidants which help meet daily "Vegetable Quotient" and may help fight Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Fatigue, Appetite and other chronic diseases.FREE OF E.COLI AND SALMONELLA
PRICE: $14.90